Block of eight 5 cent Leadbeater's Possum stamps first issued in 1996 by Australia Post. The emblems on the outside of the block identify this as the eighth reprint of these stamps. The reprint was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund in 2009.

The marginal emblems (koalas and/or kangaroos) are added to Australian stamps (since 1988 and continue to today) to identify a reprinting of a current stamp. These usually occur in definitive sets which are in use over several years and may have several printings and also may have been printed by more than one printer. The first print has no marking, the second one koala emblem, the third two koalas and so on. The sixth printing is marked by a kangaroo, the seventh by a kangaroo and a koala, the eight a Kangaroo and two koalas.

Physical Description

Single sheet of eight stamps joined with perforations. Each features a possum and the gutter features a single kangaroo and two koalas.

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