Commemorative souvenir folio booklet published by authority of Sir Donald Anderson, C.B.E., Director-General for Civil Aviation and Mr A.S. Reiher, Director-General of Works, Commonwealth of Australia, to mark the official opening of Melbourne Airport, at Tullamarine, by the Prime Minister of Australia, Rt Hon John G. Gorton, M.P., on 1 July 1970. Design & Art for the booklet were by Douglas Horman Pty Ltd, with Printing by A.E. Keating Pty Ltd.

The booklet was collected by Councillor Graeme Fullarton, Mayor of the City of Keilor, who was a guest at the opening ceremony.

Physical Description

Folio-sized staple-bound booklet with folded soft cover, printed in black, teal, blue, green and gold ink on white paper stock. The front cover features a stylised plan of the Melbourne Airport runways and terminal buildings printed in embossed gold, with the words "MELBOURNE AIRPORT" inside a blue circle. On the end sleave inside the front cover is an embossed gold crest of the Commonwealth of Australia and a circular portrait of The Prime Minister of Australia, The Rt Hon J.G. Gorton, M.P.. On the end sleave inside the back cover is a map of the Melbourne Airport Boundary, Runways and Terminal Buildings together with reservations for future runways, superimposed on The City of Melbourne municipality, and a second map of the Terminal Building, Access Roads and Freeway Ramps superimposed on a map of the Melbourne Central Business District.

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