A5 Size magazine with 27 double sided printed paper pages stapled inside a glossy printed cover.

It was published by Southdown Press for distribution in Melbourne during the first week of December, 1957. This was the first issue of what would become TV Week, a magazine which is still being published (as at August, 2010.) It features GTV Channel 9 personalities Val Ruff and Geoff Corke, who were getting married, on the cover, while a letter from Gerry Gee was featured inside the back cover. The magazine consists of local and overseas radio and television news, as well as a program guide for the week, and retailed for one shilling.

Physical Description

A5 Size magazine consisting of 27 double sided printed paper pages, containing extensive black text, photographs, drawings and diagrams. The pages are secured with two metal staples inside a glossy cover. Printed on the front is a colour photograph of Val Ruff and Geoff Corke, local television personalities.


This magazine is significant due to its links to the earliest days of television in Melbourne. It is the premier issue of Australia's first dedicated television magazine which, as of August 2010, is still being published.

It was published in Melbourne by Southdown Press, in association with local television station GTV Channel 9, who were desperate for such a outlet as their commercial rival, HSV Channel 7, were owned by the Herald and Weekly times, and promoted by their publications. Channel 9's previous outlet, the Argus Newspaper, ceased publication in January 1957.

The magazine was only distributed in Melbourne, at the cost of one shilling. It was A5 size which, according to its Editors would `rest nicely on your set and always be at hand without getting untidy. And it will fit perfectly into the glove-box of your car if you have a car radio and want the programmes.'

By the next year, it was renamed `TV Week' and a Sydney edition was published as well. Later in year, Melbourne readers were invited to vote for their favourite male and female TV personalities for the TV Week Awards. The following year, Graham Kennedy, the winner of the inaugural male award, renamed them the Logies, after Television pioneer John Logie Baird.

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