Stereograph depicting two French Steamers on the Suez Canal, circa 1865. The image was taken to commemorate the inauguration of the Suez Canal.

It is is part of a collection of 403 stereographs depicting landmarks, cityscapes, portraits and sites across Europe, the United Kingdom, America, Australia and Egypt around the late 19th century. Photographers and publishers include the Rose Stereograph Company, Underwood & Underwood, John James Reilly, George Washington Wilson, E. Nessman, Edweard Muybridge, Bradley & Rulofson, Strohmeyer & Wyman Publishers, Kilburn Brothers, J. Andrieu, M. E. Wright, Francis Bedford, Giorgio Sommer, Poulton & Co., J. Clarke, Keystone View Company, B. L. Singley, J. F. Jarvis and Ancienne Maison F. P. F. & S.

Description of Content

Two French steam ships.

Physical Description

Monochrome stereograph with hand colouring on embossed yellow card.

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