Booklet forms part of the history of computing in Melbourne and of the donor's father, Russell Grevatt's (1927-1998), collection. Russell worked in computers from 1947 until 1977 with the one company, learning and upgrading skills with each change. He started as a 'punch mechanic', became an electronic engineer (computer faults), then a Field Engineer and finally a Field Engineering Manager before retiring.

The donor, Russell's daughter, studied the Graduate Diploma in Data Processing in 1975 (before personal computers), became a programmer, and for a short time, in 1982, a lecturer in computer studies at Prahran TAFE. Dr Trevor Pearcey was one of her lecturers in 1975. She was a numeracy/literacy tutor for about thirty years as well as a professional musician and performer.

Physical Description

9 page booklet outlining course description for a Data Processing course. Yellow cover, stapled at spine. Black printed text.


These items form part of both the history of computing in Melbourne and of Russell Grevatt’s experience in early computing in Australia (1927-1998).

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