Graphic personal account written by David Ross describing his experiences during the firestorm of 7th February 2009. It was written by David on 8th February 2009 in response to the constant stream of queries and concerns from family and friends. David Ross was alone on his weekender property, 'Charlies Cottage', at Murrindindi when the bushfires first started on the afternoon of 7th February 2009 at the old Murrindindi sawmill, one kilometre north of his property. The firefront surrounded him on three sides. David sheltered over night in his tin garage. He survived, but his house and garden were destroyed.

This forms part of the Victorian Bushfires Collection which also includes a video interview in which David Ross recounts his experiences and reads this account.

Physical Description

A4 typed account on white paper.


This account of David Ross' miraculous survival at his home in Murrindindi offers a very personal and immediate sense of his life-threatening experience and the physical and emotional trauma of being alone during the worst of the firestorm. This item relates to the Murrindindi bushfire, which started just one kilometre from David Ross's home, and then proceeded towards Marysville. This fire caused the deaths of 39 people, destroyed 590 houses and burnt 168,542 hectares. The Murrindindi fire was not contained until 5 March 2009.

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