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A 'Big Top' circular tent is being raised up a central pole, while trucks, caravans and tents set up around it. The Holden Brothers Circus crew raising the 'One Pole Big Top' tent, early 1930s. According to the family: 'The circus crew were there early to set up for a show, and there were probably more trucks and tents coming.' The location is unknown. Melba Ryan remembers: 'Circuses that were 'starting off' had 'side walls' rather than a tent, essentially canvas walls around set to act as a wind-break and stop people seeing the show for free.' In those days, 'everyone had horses, so everyone wanted to see horses shown (in performances)'. Horses and 'out-door' styled events suited 'side-wall' circuses. The circus then bough a one pole tent as the shows became 'more indoors' events. This provided a covered area to perform and an area for the audience to sit and watch. Melba Ryan remembers that the size of the circus would ebb and flow as the seasons changed. You would meet up and tour together for a few weeks, then leave and join another circus. Sometimes circuses would join forces and travel together as well.

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