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Man plays trombone by tent, while man and women sit nearby. Boy sits by camp-fire in fore-ground. This photograph shows Adolphus 'Dolph' Holden' jnr of Holden Brothers Circus, practicing on the trombone, while Eileen and Stan Holden sit nearby, about 1900 - 1910. His niece Melba Ryan remembers: While Stan didn't work with the circus, he and his family often visited on holidays. 'Lenny' Leonard Holden as a boy is sitting by the fire. This photograph was taken outside the 'tucker tent'. 'Nan' (Florence Holden, Melba's grandmother) would do most of the cooking on the fire. The tent hands, other staff and Stan and Eileen would eat at the tucker tent. Water was heated for cups of tea, washing etc in kerosene tins. You took water from wherever you could get it, and put it on the open fire to boil. Nothing got thrown away. You would clean the kerosene tin out, cut a hole in the top, put handles on the sides and you had a cooking pot.' The location is unknown.

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