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Girl in School Uniform and Hat, Standing with Bicycle, in the Backyard. This photograph shows Alison Doig in 1940, with the same bike as in image MM111002, a Hartley 'free-wheeler'. The bicycle was a hand-me-down from her sister Jean. Alison was dressed in the Colac High School Uniform, with a hat, blazer, shirt, tunic in Navy blue. Her school bag was on the back of the bike, tied onto a luggage carrier. The photograph was taken in the backyard of the family house in Colac. According to her sister Jean: 'The shed in the background was on the west fence. It was open in the middle, and the family stored fire wood there. Behind where Alison is standing, there was a trellis that covered old pan system toilet. When the Doigs moved in, they replaced the toilet with a flushing system. At the northern side of the shed there was a large room that contained the garden tools, a work bench, a high shelf for dangerous things like petrol, oil, etc.' When Jean was a child the shed 'held bags of wheat to feed the chooks. Mum and Dad gave chooks up fairly early. Life was too busy.'

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