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Girl in Braids and School Tunic Standing with Bicycle, Colac Botanical Gardens. This photograph shows Jean Doig at Colac Botanic Gardens, 1936. The Doig family lived in Colac, and used the Gardens for bike rides. Jean remembers that she 'rode the bike to school, riding to and from home for lunch, and then home after school. Her school day started at 9.00, she had 3/4 of an hour for lunch and went home at 4.00. Colac High School didn't have a formal school uniform, the girls just wore a navy tunic and white blouse. The bike was a Hartley 'free-wheeler'. You could hold the pedals and glide along, but if you pressed back on the pedals it would brake.' The bicycle was bought for Jean when she was about 12 and ready to go to High School. It was given to her new by her parents, bought from the local bike shop in Colac. She was delighted. The bicycle was later handed down to her sister Alison, and is in image MM111003.

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