Black and white photograph showing members of the Andrianakis and Lefas families standing on Station Pier, Port Melbourne, 1957.

The families had gathered for the arrival of a relation, Maria, who had come to Australia to marry Petro Lefas (standing back row left). This photograph shows their first meeting. Maria brought the home-made rugs that are strapped to the side of her suitcase as a gift to the Andrianakis family. Georgia and Dimosthenis Andrianakis (back row right) were the matchmakers of the marriage. The rugs are still in the family. Dimosthenis was the first person to emigrate to Australia from his village, and convinced many people to follow him, including Maria's two sisters who came out to Australia in the years after she arrived.

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Extended family standing around suitcase on Station Pier, under a large roofed structure. Two men, two women, two boys and two infant children. There is a large suitcase in the foreground with rugs strapped to the side. Cars are parked in the background.

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Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original black and white print.

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