Black and white photograph featuring the service staff and vehicles of Crockford and Robertson Air Conditioning, Fairfield, in June 1968. The photograph was taken on stock-take day at 4 Abbot Street Fairfield. Staff lined up to clean out the vans, and to stock-take parts and equipment.

The owners of the business were Geoff Crockford and Stan Robertson, who are now both deceased. The service staff drove Volkswagen 'Kombi' vans, bought from Smith's of Fairfield. Laurie Delaney, pictured second from right, worked for the company for twenty years. At that time, the firm was one of the largest air conditioning businesses in Melbourne. The company is not in existence any longer. It was bought out in about 1988 by Heating Controls.

Photograph collected as part of Melbourne's Biggest Family Album in 2006.

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Row of seven men in uniform standing next to eight Volkswagen 'Kombi' vans, outside factory.

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Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original black and white print.

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