Sepia photograph showing Patricia Von Sonnewald with her dogs at Black Rock beach, 1946.

Patricia, a Maori woman, had migrated to Australia from New Zealand at the age of 15. At the time that this photograph was taken, Patricia had recently married Henrick Von Sonnewald. Henrick took this photograph on a Saturday morning. Patricia is standing by their car, with her English setter dogs. The yacht club are 'out' sailing in the background.

Patricia remembers: 'Henrick used a Zeiss Icon Super Ikonta camera - the best camera around.' Henrick had fled Germany before World War II, dismayed by the Nazi movement. He arrived in Australia to represent his uncle's precision machine factory on the eve of World War II and was promptly interned at Tatura for the next five years.

Description of Content

View of woman on a beach holding a dog, standing by a car. A small group are watching yachts on the water nearby. Behind is a river channel with a boat on it, a pier and then behind this there are about twenty small yachts in the sea and up on the beach, with people standing in the shallows.

Physical Description

Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original sepia print.

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