This photograph shows the O'Connor family and friends standing for a group photograph at St Margaret Island, 1915-1921: Jim Neal, Jim Cowan, Mollie Bodman, Geoffrey Pern, Brian Nicholas, Eileen O'Connor, Gray O'Connor and John Joseph 'JJ' O'Connor. 'JJ' O'Connor's grand-daughter Helen remembers that Jim Neal managed one of the O'Connor's properties for them when they were away. She also recalls that 'JJ' could crack his whip with great gusto. The O'Connor family leased the island for a period of time in the early 20th century to graze their cattle in the summer. There was only one shack on the island, however the O'Connors would invite friends and family to visit over the summer to camp.

The photographer of this image, Doctor Sydney Pern, was a friend of the donor's family, who lived in Yarram. In addition to his duties as the local GP, he was an enthusiastic amateur photographer.

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Two boys, three girls and three men, standing for a group photograph. There is tea tree scrub behind them. The man in the right has a stock whip on his arm.

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