This photograph shows Dr. Pern and John Joseph 'JJ' O'Connor droving sheep with another man in the Gippsland hills, circa 1910. Dr Pern and JJ O'Connor had been in business together. They were raising sheep and cattle and rented St Margaret's Island to graze their cattle over summer. According to the family: 'Livestock were very cheap. When World War I broke out, the price of stock went up and they made a lot of money. Because J. J. knew the area so well, he was sent into the hills during World War I to look out for the German 'invasion' which was rumoured to be planned from the coast.'

The photographer of this image, Doctor Sydney Pern, was a friend of the donor's family, who lived in Yarram. In addition to his duties as the local GP, he was an enthusiastic amateur photographer.

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View of three men on horse-back droving sheep with dogs down a dirt road. There is dust flying, and all the nearby trees are burnt.

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