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Class of Grade One and Three children, sitting in wooden desks with green painted backs. This photograph shows a Grades 1 and 3 Religious Education class at Strathmore Primary School, 21 August 1979. The photographer, Judy Archer taught religious education at the local primary school. Judy had just started her first year of training to be a minister.

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    Melbourne's Biggest Family Album

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    Public Life & Institutions

  • Acquisition Information

    Copied from Ms Judy Archer, 07/12/2006

  • Place & Date Depicted

    Strathmore, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 21 Aug 1979

  • Photographer

    Ms Judy Archer

  • Individuals Identified

    Yallous, David; Yallouz, Royce; Leach, Anthea Susannah; Purcell, Douglas; (family name unknown) Chool; (surname unknown) Tony; (surname unknown) Adam; Couper, Fiona; (surname unknown), David; Robinson, Rebecca; (surname unknown) Paulette; (surname unknown), Lisa; Barck, Marie

  • Format

    Digital Still Image, Tiff, Colour

  • Inscriptions

    Grade 3,1 21st August 1979 Strathmore Primary School left to right, going clockwise, David & Royce Yallouz front desk, Anthea Susannah Leach, Douglas Purcell, Chool newly arrived from Vietnam, Tony, ADAM, ?BACK DOOR Back Fiona Couper, David Front Rebecca Robinson, Paulette Lisa and Marie Barck right, R E Religious Education Class

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    Education, Primary & secondary schools, Classrooms & facilities

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    History & Technology

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