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A crowd standing on a road, with a cream coloured banner with the Uniting Church symbol of a dove and a cross, and the word 'Broadmeadows' on it. This photograph shows Judy Archer and friends at the Palm Sunday Peace March, East Melbourne, 1985. Judy Archer remembers: 'Every Palm Sunday in Melbourne for several years there were huge ecumenical peace marches and services. The Peace Services were held in either St Paul's or St Peters and were so packed you would have to sit on the floor.' The photograph was taken near St Patrick's Cathedral. 'After the services, the Christians would join the Unions and other groups assembling to march for peace.' This is the Broadmeadows Uniting Church assembling to join the rally. Judy is third from the right, holding a bumper sticker 'Christians for Peace'. Judy was studying to become a minister.

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