Black and white photograph showing Sybil Oakes and friends on a picnic party with Canadian servicemen, in Sassafras in 1944 during World War II.

Sybil Oakes was a servicewoman during the war, working as a radar mechanic in the Army. She was stationed all around Greater Melbourne, Victoria and NSW. She and her friends entertained these Canadian servicemen, by taking them to the Dandenongs by train for a picnic. Few people had cars, so crowds of people got off the train at Belgrave and walked into the hills, hiking for several hours before having a picnic. Sybil and her friends were able to wear civilian clothes and dressed up for the picnic, but the servicemen remained in uniform. Sybil's story of her experiences in World War II is in the Australian War Memorial archives.

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Four women and three servicemen standing by the roadside. Behind them a sign says SASSAFRAS, PLEASE SLOW DOWN'. Trees line the road in the background.

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Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original black and white print.

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