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Two girls and a boy with a Volkswagen 'Beetle' Car in a driveway. This photograph shows Peg Jarry, Rosie Davies and Tony Kriegler with Tony's Volkswagen 'Beetle 'car, Camberwell, 1965. The photographer, Ann Frith rented this house with the two girls in this image while she was studying. She paid 2 pounds 5/- and believes "this was probably too much as when they had parties the lights would go off and you had to thump the walls to make them go back on. It also had coin fed water meter. Often the water meter would be over fed for some reason and when they came to empty it, the girls would return home to find a pile of 2 shilling pieces on the kitchen table." Tony Kriegler was visiting Ann with his Volkswagen 'Beetle'. He was a PhD student and Ann's boyfriend, later her husband.

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