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Two women standing with a small boy, dressed for an outing. The boy is wearing a cap, and the women are wearing fur stoles and hats. In this photograph, Winifred Frith and Ann Barnes are dressed up for a rare trip into town, Blackburn, 1943. They lived and worked on the family poultry farm on Blackburn Road, Blackburn. During World War II, petrol was rationed, so when going into town they would take the horse and trap to Box Hill and would stable the horse and then they would take the steam train into Flinders Street. Ann, the woman on the right would always wear an old tattered hat for the trip because when she visited her brother at Banana Alley he would declare 'Oh Ann, you can't be seen in town like that, here's some money go and buy a new hat.' It is family lore that this brother ran an illegal agency, an 'SP book', out of his shop/factory in Banana Alley.

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