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A woman, two boys and two girls sitting on the window sill of a brick house. The boy on the left has his elbow on the other boy's shoulder. This photograph shows Russell Beedles, his mother Anne and his sister Rosemary, with Russell's cousins Elsie and George Duncan. They are outside the Duncan's home, West Heidelberg, 1950. The Duncans lived up the road in a new housing commission house in West Heidelberg. Russell Beedles remembers: "They were thrilled to get the house." The family were new migrants, and had stayed with the Beedles at Waterdale Road for a year. The Beedles sponsored the Duncan family to emigrate. "Anne Beedles put their names down on the waiting list and they were accepted." Frances Duncan is Anne Beedles' (nee Duncan) sister. This photograph was taken on Christmas Day. The Beedles came to visit and have Christmas lunch with the Duncans.

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