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Shop window display for B H Altson Pty ltd Tobacconists. The sign 'Tobacco War' is in the window. This photograph shows the window display of B H Altson Pty ltd Tobacconists, Melbourne, circa 1950. 'BH' stands for the owner's initials, Barnett Hyman. 'BH' as he was known by his family, came to Australia in 1870 from Yorkshire. He set up the tobacconist on the corner of 300 Collins & Elizabeth Street. This shop was referred to as 'No 1 Melbourne', because it was originally owned by John Batman and was then later bought by Altson. According to the family, it was 'the first brick building in Melbourne, and a major meeting place in 'BH's' grandson David Altson's generation. 'I'll meet you at Altsons' Corner' was a popular saying. According to David, it was 'a very masculine shop, but older ladies would sometimes come in to buy cigars, or snuff for themselves.'

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