Digital Photograph depicting Rosa Baitz's 4th birthday party, at her family home in Essendon, 1926.

Elias and Rachel Baitz immigrated to Australia from Russia via Africa with their two sons, Alexander and Sam, and Rachel's sister's family the Grosovsky's (Grosby) in 1915. Elias initially went into business with his brother-in-law Moses Grosovsky (Grosby) before the partnership dissolved in 1926. Rosa and another brother Paul were both born after the Baitz family had settled in Australia.

Ralph Grosby, one of Rosa's cousins, was the Australian born son of Russian immigrants Celia and Moses Grosby (Grosovsky). He grew-up to become the owner of the Grosby Shoe Company.

Edward Baitz, one of Rosa's cousins, arrived in Australia from Russia with his parent's, Clifford and Sophie, and sister, Diana, in 1923. He became one of the original owners of C & E Baitz Liqueur.

David Wynn is the son of Sam Wynn of Wynn's wines.

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Four girls and eight boys on a front verandah of house wearing party hats. In the back row, left to right: unknown boy (surname Rosenfield), David Wynn, an unknown boy, Sam Baitz; Second row, left to right: Sonia Phillips, unknown girl (surname Rosenfield), Paul Baitz; Front row left to right: unknown girl (surname Rosenfield), unknown boy, Rosa Baitz, Ralph Grosby, Edward Baitz.

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