Digital Image of Rosa Baitz with a china doll on the verandah of her family home, Essendon, 1925. The photograph was taken on her 3rd birthday. Both Rosa's and the doll's dresses were homemade, and had crocheted edging by Rosa's mother. Rosa's felt footwear was made by Rosa's father, Elias Baitz, who was a slipper manufacturer.

Elias and Rachel Baitz immigrated to Australia from Russia via Africa with their two sons, Alexander and Sam, and Rachel's sister's family the Grosovsky's (Grosby) in 1915. Elias initially went into business with his brother-in-law Moses Grosovsky (Grosby) before the partnership dissolved in 1926. Rosa and another brother Paul were both born after the Baitz family had settled in Australia.

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Girl sitting with her china doll on verandah. The girl has a bow in her hair and her ankles are crossed. The doll is nearly as big as she is.

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