Black and white photograph showing members of the Jewish 'Kadimah' community organisation enjoying their annual picnic in Warrandyte, in Melbourne's east in 1937-38.

Elias Baitz's Packard automobile is in the background. Rachel Baitz is standing on the left, her daughter Rosa is on the right, leaning on the car. Rosa Baitz's boyfriend, Eddie Perlman (now her husband) is in the driver's seat. Elias Baitz, Rosa's father is sitting on a chair in front of the car at right. His daughter-in-law Connie Baitz is standing on the left with Pat Baitz, Rosa's niece sitting on a chair. On the back seat of the car sits Fira Gorden, while her father sits on a chair outside the car in front of her. The Gordens were Jewish refugees sponsored by the Baitz family. In front on the picnic rug, at right, sits Jascha Tafton, with an unknown man seated next to him. Mrs Tafton sits on the picnic rug at left, with her daughter Una, and her son (name unknown).

The ‘Kadimah’ (meaning progress, or forward in Hebrew and Yiddish) was founded in Melbourne by recently arrived Eastern European Jews in 1911. It was set up to function as a secular cultural institution, including a Jewish library, a theatre hall and a youth committee.

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A group of fifteen people on a picnic, with two cars in background. Some are sitting on a picnic rug on long grass, some are standing, some are sitting on chairs at a low table, two people are sitting in the front car, and a woman is walking at left beside the cars. Other cars and picnickers are in the background. Trees surround the area.

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Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original black and white print.

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