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A man holding a dead trout by the gills in his backyard. There is a corrugated iron fence behind him and rock edging for a garden bed in front of him. This photograph shows Brian Watson in 1950, holding a trout caught from the Eildon Weir. He remembers 'It was a 3½ pound trout!' The photograph was taken in the backyard of his family home in Abbotsford. Brian says he 'would have caught the fish on a 'spinner', a little lure on a fishing rod. You made spinners yourself out of lead. You'd melt the lead and pour it into the cast and paint the shape and thread a hook through the middle.' He remembers they used to get the lead off old telephone cables. Brian went to Lake Eildon with his brother and friends for the weekend, in a Dodge motorcar with a leaking radiator. He would have kept the fish cool on the way home to Abbotsford in a wet hessian bag.

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