Colour photograph featuring Janet Dominiewski and her children with their wading pool in the backyard of their family home, Glenroy, 1961. The children were Michele, aged 4 years, Peter, aged 3 years and Joanne, 1 year old. The family remembers 'This canvas pool was used by the Dominiewskis every summer. They would put the lawn sprinkler inside the pool and the children would jump over it, lie in it all day. It was always placed under the fruit trees for shade.'

Photograph collected as part of Melbourne's Biggest Family Album in 2006.

Description of Content

Woman in hat sitting next to wading pool, holding baby girl. A girl and infant boy are in the pool. The girl is holding an inflatable ball. A hose is lying inside the pool. A pusher with a doll sits behind the woman. The fence runs down the left of the photograph, and there is a driveway, car and house in the background.

Physical Description

Digital image file, copied from original colour print.

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