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A bride and groom standing holding each other's right hands, with heads bowed, and white wreaths on their heads, being married by priest on left. The priest has his hand on the groom's elbow and is wearing an elaborate chasuble, and glasses. This photograph shows the wedding of George Retsis and Helen Fotopoulos at St John's Greek Orthodox Church on Lygon Street, North Carlton, 1959. Afterwards they had a reception at the best man's house in Nicholson Street Carlton. George came out with the Australian government in 1958. They organized for 250 Greek electricians from Egypt to come to Australia. When they came out, they all went to stay at the homes of people from Greek organizations. George went to stay at a friend's house. He got work quickly with the Melbourne Railways. Helen came out with an Italian ship 'Flaminia' from Patra, Greece. She came out with 10 young single women and 10 young single men. They were brought out by the government to be taken Bonegilla, and the women were supposed to work as domestic servants or housekeepers in wealthy women's houses. Because Helen had a friend in Melbourne, Carlton, she was able to stay at her friend's house. Helen met George while she was staying at her friend's house, and they fell in love at first sight.

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