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A man and boy, standing in a hole dug into an embankment, by the brick foundations of a house. Crow bars and shovels are in front of them. This photograph shows Willie Kienhuis and Brian Watson, who have just finished digging the hole for a septic tank at the building site of Brian's new house, Greensborough, circa 1959. Brian remembers: 'There was no sewerage, so you dug a deep hole, built a wooden frame and poured concrete over it to make the tank.' Also shows walls of house and driveway. This is part of a series of 18 images contributed by Brian and Vera Watson, showing the construction of their house between 1958 - 1959 in Greensborough. Brian and Vera worked on the site with friends and family on the weekends, during their engagement. There was a shortage of materials such as bricks, and of labour. Brian was lucky to have a friend who was a builder, Albie Birrell, who gave him advice and help. Vera and Brian would bring a camera and take photographs at each significant stage.

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