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View of the builder's shed and toilet on a house building site, with a woman and three children standing outside. This photograph shows a distant view of Vera Jones and the local children at Vera and Brian Watson's building site for their first home. They are standing outside the prefabricated builder's shed and outside toilet. Brian remembers 'The builders had their own sheds that they took from job to job and Albie (their friend) brought it onto the job, then Brian borrowed it. It would keep the builder's tools, bags of cement, whatever building materials they needed. They didn't have a truck so you couldn't transport too much stuff at once. You left it there and hoped it wouldn't get stolen.' The toilet ran on a permit, and it was a 'pan service'. This is part of a series of 18 images contributed by Brian and Vera Watson, showing the construction of their house in about 1958-1959 in Greensborough. Brian and Vera worked on the site with friends and family on the weekends, during their engagement. There was a shortage of materials such as bricks, and of labour. Brian was lucky to have a friend who was a builder, Albie Birrell, who gave him advice and help. Vera and Brian would bring a camera and take photographs at each significant stage. This photograph complements MM110534.

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