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Two men digging and probably a woman watching in long grass, at a building site. The turning of the first sod', Greensborough, circa 1958. In this photograph, Brian Watson and his father in law William 'Bob' Jones were levelling the slope of the hill so they could erect a prefabricated builder's shed and power pole. This was the first step in building the Watson's new house. Brian remembers 'These were builder's essentials. The shed was for storing building materials and the power was so you could make a cup of tea and use power tools cutting the frame.' They needed a permit to get the power pole put up. They hired a pan service out door toilet while they were building. Brian remembers 'You used to hold working bees to help build the house.' This is part of a series of 18 images contributed by Brian and Vera Watson, showing the construction of their house in about 1958 - 1959, in Greensborough. Brian and Vera worked on the site with friends and family on the weekends, during their engagement. There was a shortage of materials such as bricks, and of labour. Brian was lucky to have a friend who was a builder, Albie Birrell, who gave him advice and help. Vera and Brian would bring a camera and take photographs at each significant stage. This photograph complements MM110532.

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