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A woman with glasses, with baby sitting on dressing table, reflected in mirror. This photograph shows Andriana playing with her young son in her new house in Yarraville, soon after her family's arrival in Australia, 1974. Soon after arriving in Australia, (Christmas day 1973) both Andriana and Nicholas taught Greek at Greek Schools around Melbourne on the weekends. After one month in Hawthorn the young family moved into a rental property in Yarraville, which luckily was fully furnished. Andriana's baby son also made the journey, and she was pregnant with her next child, Angela. She had only been in the country for about 3 months. She remembers having to rely on her neighbours for everything. She was often upset and homesick and the kindness of her new friends, particularly the woman who rented them this house has stayed with her. Simple gifts from this woman like clothes pegs and a door mat made such a difference. When Andriana's husband would return from work she would be strong and pretend everything was okay.

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