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Extended family and friends gathered outside the side entrance of a cathedral at a wedding. There are two bridesmaids in white dresses with green sashes in the centre, with four other women wearing hats to the right, talking. This photograph shows the wedding party at David Meale and Marisa Crusi's wedding, East Melbourne, 17th December, 1960. It includes David's father, William Thomas 'Tom' Meale. David's wedding to Marisa Crusi was an Italian-Australian wedding. Marisa Crusi is Italian, and they married at St Patrick's Cathedral. David isn't Catholic. He remembers 'Archbishop Mannix wouldn't allow mixed marriages in front of the altar.' They were married in a side chapel 'which was still pretty grand'. They chose St Patrick's because it had a side chapel that they could use. 'If they had used a suburban church they would have had to have used the vestry.'

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