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Woman, boy and girl with Santa Claus at a Christmas street party. The boy and girl have their faces painted, and the girl is wearing red antlers. This photograph shows a Christmas street party in Vermont, 9 December 2000. Every household got a party bag and every child got a present. The bag was made of everything they could contribute without too much cost to themselves. One of the organisers Liza Dale-Hallet, worked at Museum Victoria, so they could offer family passes to Scienceworks, book-marks, rubbers, balloons, lollies. The organisers asked for children to also bring a gift to exchange with the others. The gifts had to be collected in advance for Santa so that he could arrive and distribute them. One of the neighbours set up a table to do face painting for the kids. Liza made a pinata, someone brought out a BBQ, they shared salads, and 'brought a plate', of cakes, meats, etc. There was a lot of organisation. The "Jumping Castle" need to be paid for by the families on the street who came to the party. The person who played Santa Claus was the boyfriend of one of the daughters of the original families who had moved into the area in the 1970's.

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