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Bystanders watching a 'Bouncy Castle' at a Christmas street party This photograph shows a street party that the photographer Liza Dale-Hallet helped to organise, in Vermont, 9 December 2000. This was the first year that she and her children had moved into the street. Liza bought her new home after she had divorced and remembers: 'This was a way of celebrating a new beginning, a new life and getting to know her neighbours better. The street had a previous history of Christmas street parties. In the 1970's, when people had first built houses and moved into that street, there were lots of young families. Then there was about 15 years when there had been no party. Having a street Christmas party now made the residents who had been there since the 1970's very happy and reminisce about their children enjoying themselves at similar events.' When the party organisers rang up the Council, they found they were lucky that their court meant they could cordon off the street with witches hats to reduce traffic.

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