Photograph of Nancy Fletcher, aged approximately 2 1/2 at either Red Bluff or Ricketts Point in her bathing costume, about 1926 or 1927.

Being at the beach was a big part of Nancy's childhood. Nancy's Dad Stan would meet her and her mother Ethel at the beach. He would come straight from Sandringham Station and they would walk down from their house in Rose Street, and they would all have a picnic there. They had a little bathing box that they rented outside the Red Bluff Hotel. Nancy says 'it wouldn't have cost much, because they wouldn't have been able to afford much.' Before or during World War I, Stan's parents, sister and brother in law moved from Brunswick to 'Sunnyside', a house in Rose Street Sandringham. After the War when Stan was discharged he got a soldier settler housing loan and got a house built about four doors down from his parents, and sister and brother in law.

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Infant girl in bathing costume, standing smiling on the sand. She is wearing a sunhat, has a bucket, and there is a wooden boat on the shore behind her.

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