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Extended adult family standing in backyard surrounded by buildings. Man in front with bowler hat has his foot on a box. Another man has a cat on his shoulder. Chooks are feeding on ground. This photograph shows the extended Fletcher family, probably in the backyard of their family home in Brunswick, circa 1913. From left to right: Fred Brearley (with his foot on a wooden box), Emily Brearley, Jim Fletcher, (who was a veteran of the Boer War), Pearl and Dick Fletcher, Syd Brearley (with a cat on his shoulder), Mab Brearley, Amelia Fletcher (Jim Fletcher's wife). Fred was a saddler by trade but very interested in music (especially opera) and art. This photograph must have been taken on a special occasion, the whole family is together. The family kept chickens, had a vegetable garden and an orchard.

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