The photographer, Stanley Fletcher, was training to be a professional photographer with Powers Studio before the First World War when he enlisted to become a serviceman. Photographs like these were often printed as postcards and there are many postcards of the 'Orsova' and Railway Pier in existence.

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View of Railway Pier, Port Melbourne, circa 1913, with large steamships tied up along either side of the pier. On the left is the 12,500 ton White Star Line passenger and cargo ship 'Suevic' (built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, Ireland, 1901) and on the right the well known 12,000 ton Orient Line passenger & royal mail steamship 'Orsova' (built by John Brown & Co, Clydebank, Scotland, 1909). Another unidentified steamship of similar size appears in the background. Running along the centre of the pier in the middle of the image are five lines of train track or sidings on which various railway goods trucks and vans are parked unloading and receiving goods from the ships. Numerous people - including passengers and/or members of the pubic and workmen - can be seen on the pier between the railway rollingstock. Many of the people are dressed in coats and hats and carrying suitcases or other forms of luggage. There is an elevated navigation light attached to the pier on the left near the 'Suevic'.

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Circular photographic image.

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