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Boy & girl carrying stretcher, with another boy sitting in it and another girl standing beside, in backyard. This photograph shows children playing 'Wounded soldiers' in the back yard of the Eyers home in Salford Avenue in Balwyn, about 1917. They were very familiar with the events of the World War 1. Fred (aged 4) is playing with his sister Dorothy (possibly aged 8) a young visitor (most likely Joan Hyland) and brother Ernest (aged 7). In those days the road facing the house (Salford Avenue) was unmade. Access was gained by Pembroke Road which led to it being more commonly referred to by the family as their street, rather than Salford Avenue. Father Laurence 'Fred' Eyers is the only surviving person shown in this image and says that the family home is no longer standing. He also says that he and Ernest both served in World War II. Ernest became a Lieutenant Colonel with an OBE, while he served as an Army Chaplain.

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