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John McSweeney performing the 'swallow dive' (now known as 'forward straight') into saltwater sea baths, 1954. This photograph was taken at the Middle Brighton Baths behind the 3 metre board, which doesn't exist anymore. It was where John McSweeney was taught to dive. He then went on to win three diving medals, the 'under 14, 'under 15', 'under 16', in 1954 - 1956. John was practicing for the Victorian Diving titles. The Middle Brighton Baths are enclosed from the Bay, and the picture shows the boardwalk that enclosed the baths, over 150 m long and 50m wide, in the background. It also shows the springboard that launched John into the air. It had Hessian matting to make sure divers didn't slip. Depending on the tide, the depth of the water could be 3.5 metres deep (10 feet). In the 1950's, there were no baths or pools inland. Kids would come to Middle Brighton Baths on the bus and queue for a long time in order to swim there. Middle Brighton swimmers and divers would compete with Brighton and other clubs along the Bay on Sundays. Once a year there would be a competition with the swimmers at Brighton Beach, for the 'Ham Cup'.

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