Colour photograph showing Emily Mierisch's first birthday party at 24 Westgarth Street in Fitzroy, 1978. Emily is being held by her mother, Christine, with her father, Robert, standing next to them. They are standing in front of their family kitchen, by the wall that Christine demolished 2 years before, when renovating, as shown in image MM110038. Family members are in the background. The orchid on the bench bloomed on Emily's first birthday, and has become the focus of a family tradition. The family has watched to see if it will bloom every year since.

Description of Content

A man and a woman holding their baby, with family members behind them in the kitchen.

Physical Description

Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original colour print.


This image shows the interior of a newly renovated 1970s house, and also highlights a family celebration and an important event in a family's history: the first child's first birthday in a new family home.

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