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Four adults seated inside a house. The man at right is holding a small child. This photograph shows Konstantinos, Athanasia, their daughter Dimitra Papadimitropoulos, and Konstantinos' parents, Nikita and Dimitra Papadimitropoulos, in 1967. They are sitting in Konstantinos and Athanasia's bedroom, in their house. When Nikita and Dimitra immigrated from Greece, they went to stay with Konstantinos, because he was their oldest son. Nikita Papadimitropoulos worked when he came to Australia, before he retired. Dimitra Papadimitropoulos couldn't read or write as he had come from a small village in the Peloponese Mountains, called Zarouhla, and was not educated. There is a dressing table to the right. Dimitra Papadimitropoulos' baby toy, a 'kourelis' (rag doll) is sitting on the stereo, to the left. Dimitra called her doll 'kilis', as she couldn't say 'kourelis'. The stereo was a very important part of the house. Konstantinos' records would sit under the cabinet. There were doilies, ornaments and photographs on every surface. Athanasia was wearing a pregnancy dress, as she was pregnant with Dimitra's sister Pinelopi. Nikita and Dimitra immigrated in 1966, when Konstantinos' daughter Dimitra was 1 year old. The photograph was taken by Konstantinos' brother in law Sotirios Papageorgiou, who lived next door. He loved cameras and photographs, and took lots of photos.

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