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A baby is being lifted out of a christening font by a priest. A woman is holding a sheet behind the baby. This photograph shows Pinilopi Papadimitropoulos being baptised in about 1968, in St Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church, Carlton. The church nolonger exists. According to the family, between the birth of the child and the christening, the family are not allowed to cut the baby's hair. Before the child is dipped in the water, the godparent covers the child with holy oil. Then the child is immersed. The godmother, holding a brand new white towel and brand new white sheet, is waiting to receive the baby after she has been baptised in holy water. Once the godmother has the baby in her arms, the priest will make a sign of the cross on the baby's hands, feet, back, chest, forehead, cheeks, chin in holy oil. They cut off a lock of hair, they clip a bit of fingernail, and the godmother brings a cross and they put it around the baby's neck. To the left is the deacon assisting the priest. Pinilopi's godmother was an aunt, her mother's brother's wife, Koula Papageorgiou. Pinilopi's older sister Dimitra's head is visible in the foreground, holding a candle. After the christening ceremony, the child is dressed by the godmother in new clothes. The godmother takes the child to the altar and the baby receives first communion.

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