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Young girls standing in front of blackboard with male teacher. This photograph shows Dimitra Papadimitropoulos, at left of photograph, at nine years of age receiving her graduation from grade four at Lyceum Lepidas Greek School, Fitzroy North, 1974. Achileas Lepidas, the teacher and owner of the school, presented the certificate after Dimitra recited a poem she had learnt. Her mother made the dress which made Dimitra very excited. She remembers writing on the board and being proud of her neat hand writing in front of her family and other parents. Like many children of Greek migrants, Dimitra completed 12 years of Greek school in addition to her everyday schooling. She loved Greek school at this age but later didn't like going as it separated her from her other friends, so she often skipped school until she was caught and grounded. She had a boyfriend at 15, which is why she started 'wagging' school.

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