Colour photograph showing a Papadimitropoulos family picnic at Greenvale Reservoir, near Tullamarine, in 1978. Family picnics were an all day affair. The family would leave at 6:00 am to get the perfect tree to sit under. They would cram into three or four vehicles, and towed a trailer to carry the spit.

The spit was hooked up to a blue car battery, and is visible at the front right hand side of the photograph. The battery was modified by the Papadimitropoulos' uncles, in order for the rotisserie to function. The children were very embarrassed that the family would insist on using the spit. The family remembers there was a mixed response from other picnickers. The Greek families loved it, however, and even though there was some sniggering, overall people thought it was great. The picnic would happen every few months for the cousins to get together and play, and the aunts and uncles to catch up.

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Family picnicking on the grass foreshore at Greenvale Reservoir. The group of about 17 people are sitting on rugs and chairs. The reservoir is in the background, and parked cars are at right. A lamb spit is at front right.

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Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original colour print.

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