Black and white photograph showing Athanasia Papageorgiou, second from right, surrounded by two of her sisters and her brother, lying on Albert Park Beach, which was opposite their home, in the late 1950s.

All of the Papageorgiou siblings, five of them in total, had migrated from Greece without their parents, shortly before this photograph was taken in the late 1950s. The stories that these siblings tell of their early young life in Australia centred on this beach.

Born in Greece in 1933, Athanasia Papageorgiou migrated to Australia in the mid 1950s. She was a dressmaker designer and had her own business in Greece. When she came to Australia Athanasia initially worked as a seamstress in the government munitions factory making parachutes. After marrying Konstantinos Papadimitropoulos she bought an overlocker and worked from home sewing pyjamas, while raising two children. In 1972 the family bought a milk bar and were in this business for 20 years. Athanasia passed away on 27 July 2005.

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Three women and a man in swimming suits lounging on sand at beach. Beach umbrellas and the seawall are behind them.

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