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Two young boys surrounded by hundreds of toys. This photograph shows William 'Bill' Edwards and his brother Charlie Edwards, in about 1943, surrounded by toys both donated and made by Sandringham locals for 'The Bomb Children of Britain' charity. This charity was ongoing over 1943 and 1944 and was organised by the boys' parents, Robert and Madge Edwards. They collected in total between two and three thousand toys. When children donated a toy, in return they received a ride on a model train run by Robert Edwards. Born in England in 1901, Robert Edwards came to Australia in his early 20s. He married Mary (Madge) Cecilia Stewart Fraser. After spending a little time in Tasmania he settled in Sandringham and Dandenong in Victoria. He worked for Nettlefolds, an engineering company, even though he was of independent means. His work included model making, photography and made components.

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