Items that were in the possession of Trevor Pearcey. Trevor donated them to the CSIRAC History Project in 1999.

6 x Unidentified Tape Symbol Prints (TSP). A Tape Symbol Print program provided a means of displaying the instructions in a computer program in a way more easily read.
3 x Fragments of an unidentified Melbourne 12-hole tape.
1 page of unidentified notes on Computation Laboratory letterhead.
1 photocopied diagram - 'Detail 29'.

Physical Description

6 x Unidentified Tape Symbol Prints: lengths of faded ptrinted sheets. 3 x Fragments 12-hole tape: short lengths of faded punched tape with tattered ends 1 page of unidentified notes: faded sheet of paper with handwritten notes and blue letterhead 1 photocopied diagram: black lined diagram on white paper with handwriting on other side

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