Correspondence about computing courses and developments, conferences and lectures, costs, proposed papers, publications; Tables from CSIRO Division of Mathematical Statistics - Arctanh.

Also CSIRO Computing Research Section Annual Reports for 1965-66 and 1966-67.

Correspondence/Papers details:
4/4/51 J.L. Pawsey to T.M. Cherry Struck difficulty with computation and quote of £100.
6/4/51 T.M. Cherry to T. Pearcey Computation amendment and acceptance of quote.
4/4/51 J.L. Pawsey to T.M. Cherry Wants to clarify use of computer and recoup costs.
10/4/51 T.M. Cherry to J.L. Pawsey Official request to use computer and acceptance of quote.
10/4/61 T.M. Cherry to Chief of Radiophysics Formal request for computation time and details of calculation.
20/4/51 J.L. Pawsey to T.M. Cherry Pleased to go ahead with computations and time factors for work.
12/6/51 T. Pearcey to T.M. Cherry Steady progress and two queries. Costs higher than expected.
18/6/51 T.M. Cherry to T. Pearcey Answers queries and agrees to pay account.
10/7/51 T.M. Cherry to T. Pearcey Acknowledging first instalment of calculation.
7/9/51 T. Pearcey to T.M. Cherry Forwarding calculations.
11/9/51 T.M. Cherry to T. Pearcey Acknowledgement of calculations.
5/10/51 T.M. Cherry to T. Pearcey Worried as final calculations not arrived.
25/10/51 T. Pearcey to T.M. Cherry Already sent the calculations.
30/1/52 T.M. Cherry to J.L. Pawsey Shocked at account for £250-wants reduction.
8/2/52 T. Pearcey to T.M. Cherry Apology for the misunderstanding about costs.
8/2/52 J.L. Pawsey to T.M. Cherry Account reduced to £125.
12/12/55 R.E. Meagher/Uni of Illinois to F. Hirst Forwarding Illiac Programming Manual.
27/2/56 F. Hirst to R.E. Meagher/Uni of Illinois Thank you for Illiac Programming Manual.
7/8/56 O. Brown-Terrell to F. Hirst Wants contact for Lucas Heights atomic reactor to apply for job.
3/10/56 B. deFerranti/Adolph Basser to F. Hirst Enclosing brochure/CSIRAC capacity/ Pearcey talking on CSIRAC.
30/10/56 T. Vickers/Teddington to F. Hirst Deuce programs unsuitable for CSIRAC.
26/7/57 E.K. Foreman/Statistics to F. Hirst Wants details of future courses to train key staff.
27/3/58 C.J. Brown/PMG to T.M. Cherry Seeking advice on Economic optimum studies and time-cost factors.
17/6/58 J.M. Telfer to M.H. Belz Re National Operational Research Society.
24/6/58 F. Hirst to M.H. Belz/MU Re Operational Research Society.
26/8/58 F. Hirst to M.H. Belz/MU Re representation on Australian National Committee on Automation & Computation.
1958 Uni of Sydney-Notice Introduction of 'Diploma in Numerical Analysis & Automatic computing'course.
28/7/59 F. Hirst to M.H. Belz/MU Finds constitution for Australian Joint Council for Operational Research acceptable.
3/9/59 A. Marks to F. Hirst Thank you for assistance at conference.
18/9/59 T.W. Swinney to F. Hirst Details of Benson-Lehner film projection unit.
6/10/59 K. Hindson to F. Hirst Notice of discussion on introduction of Hollerith punch cards to MU.
13/10/59 J.M. Bennett to F. Hirst Covering letter (attachment not on file).
18/11/59 F. Hirst to C.H.D. Harper Re Papers for Conference on Automatic Computing.
25/11/59 B. Bambrough/AWA to F. Hirst Looking for programmers as expecting first computer next year.
23/10/59 Invitation to F. Hirst Cocktail party to meet Mr. C. Metcalfe, director of EUI/UK.
1/12/59 I.C.T. to Dept of Physics/MU Taking over Powers-Samas distribution.
10/12/59 I.C.T. to Dept of Physics/MU Change of date.
3/12/59 I.C.I. to F. Hirst Request for reference for A.R. Jones Travelling Fellowship application.
7/12/59 D. Cochrane/MU to F. Hirst Confirmation of talk for Summer School.
8/12/59 F. Hirst to B. DeFerranti Submitting papers for Conference on Automatic Computing (papers not on file).
5/10/59 C.D. Uhl to F. Hirst Student enquiry on circuits.
9/12/59 F. Hirst to C.D. Uhl Invitation to visit CSIRAC.
18/11/59 K.W. Knox/Aust Journal of Sc. to F.Hirst Request for article on 'digital computers'.
17/2/60 B. Bambrough/AWA to F. Hirst Seeking programmers.
23/2/60 C. Johnstone reference Handwritten draft.
26/2/60 F. Hirst to B. deFerranti Enclosing summary of paper for Data Processing conference (not on file).
29/2/60 B.A. Chartres to F. Hirst Requesting summary of paper for conference.
10/3/60 Dr. A.S. Douglas to J.M. Bennett Available to attend conference in Australia.
16/3/60 J.M. Bennett to F. Hirst Re possible lectures by Dr. A.S. Douglas/Elec Computing/ UK whilst Conference in Sydney.
29/3/60 F. Hirst to J.M. Bennett Would like Dr A.S. Douglas to lecture in Melbourne.
4/4/60 T.M. Cherry to Dr. A.S. Douglas Suggesting arrangements for visit.
27/4/60 F. Hirst to Australian Nat. Committee Requesting entry forms for forthcoming conference.
9/5/60 F. Hirst to R.A. Cumming/MU Personnel attending conference and costs.
11/5/60 F. Hirst to Commodore Priv.Hotel Reserving double room.
13/5/60 F. Hirst to Australian Nat. Committee Enclosing biographic sketch.
20/5/60 F. Hirst to E.A. Cornish/CSIRO Forwarding copy of paper to be presented at Computing conference.
13/1/61 K. Nicol/Ferranti to F. Hirst Timetable for forthcoming courses.
26/1/61 G.H. Jowett/MU to F. Hirst Confirming his chairing of talk at Operational Research conference.
1/2/61 J.A.K. Wicks to F. Hirst Request for synopsis of paper.
7/2/61 R.W. Reynolds to F. Hirst Confirming meeting at MU of Society of Instrument Technology.
15/2/61 D.W. Posener/CSIRO to F. Hirst Appointment to Melbourne Conference committee and nomination as representative of Australian branch of Institute of Physics.
16/2/61 H.C. Levey/Uni of WA to F. Hirst Allen Billings to visit Melbourne to discuss MU plans for new computer.
23/3/61 F. Hirst to A. Billlings Forwarding details of new computers.
8/6/61 DeLaRue Bull/UK to F. Hirst To enter Australian market shortly.
9/6/61 Science Teachers' Asscn to F. Hirst Invitation to Tenth Annual Science Talent Search.
20/6/61 F. Hirst to Science Teachers' Asscn. Acceptance of invitation.
10/8/61 L.S. Goddard/U of Tas to F. Hirst Request to discuss computing service.
28/8/61 J.M. Bennett to F. Hirst Requesting clarification of services offered by CSIRAC.
29/8/61 J.M. Bennett to F. Hirst Australian Journal of Statistics seeking details of any tables suitable for publication.
6/9/61 F. Hirst to J.M. Bennett No tables suitable for publication at present.
28/8/61 D. Elliott/Adolph Basser to F. Hirst Request to speak in Sydney.
11/9/61 Royal-Globe Life Ass to F. Hirst Decided not to use computer facility.
20/9/61 Societe Delectronique to T.M. Cherry Sales letter.
28/9/61 F. Hirst to Nat.Health & Medical Recommendation for Dr. I.K. Buckley to receive research grant.
13/10/61 Uni of Melbourne-Notice Capital equipment submissions.
16/10/61 Education Dept to F. Hirst Invitation to address conference of teachers of mathematics.
25/10/61 F. Hirst to Education Dept Acceptance of invitation to address conference.
19/10/61 WRE to F. Hirst Request for details of any logic design work in Australia.
27/11/61 F. Hirst to Aust Inst. of Management Resignation from the Committee.
29/11/61 Remington-Rand to F. Hirst Happy to arrange visits to R-R overseas.
30/11/61 F. Hirst to Remington-Rand Details of overseas plans.
29/11/61 D. Elliott/A. Basser to F. Hirst confirmation of Melbourne arrangements.
31/1/62 John McMahon/MU to F. Hirst Re advice on purchase of accounting machine.
10/12/62 N.L. Svensson/MU to F. Hirst Details for Summer School talk.

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