File containing correspondence concerning equipment requirements. It includes correspondence with suppliers and purchase approvals. The file also includes: Instruction Book and Data from Stabilac Pty Ltd, Sydney for Instantaneous Electronic Voltage Stabiliser Types T200 and T500 with handwritten notes at rear;
Creed Punch Tape catalogue June 1956; Creed Punch Tape brochure June 1956; Creed Underwood perforating typewriter brochure; Flexowriter Model FL brochure; Friden Collectdata Data Collecting System brochure 1959; Data Control Invoice No 8181 for one Friden model FPC-5 Flexowriter, May 10, 1962; Commonwealth of Australia transfer voucher for CV.3427 Computer Electronic CSIRO Mark 1 to Melbourne University, 13 May 1955; CSIRO Radiophysics delivery docket No. 4570 for 43 Crates of Electronic Equipment to Melbourne University, 15 June 1955; two clipped working manuals; and folder containing Transformer and Choke Specifications.

Physical Description

Correspondence details: 22/2/55 C.H. Morley/Stott & Hoare to F. Hirst Representing Flexowriter Tape Perforator. 15/6/55 CSIRO to Uni of Melbourne Delivery Docket 4570 for 43 crates of Electronic Equipment (19035). 13/10/55 CSIRO to Uni of Melbourne Transfer voucher for CV.3427 Computer Electronic CSIRO Mark I (19036). Undated Procedure for Spraying Magnetic Disc for Electronic Computer. Undated Computation Laboratory Inventory (equipment/furniture) handwritten. June'56 Creed & Co. Ltd./UK Advertising brochure-Punched Tape Equipment (19034). June'56 Creed & Co. Ltd./UK Advertising brochure-Punched Tape Equipment (19037). Undated Commercial Controls Corp/US Advertising brochure-Flexowriter Model FL (19032). June'56 Creed Underwood/UK Advertising brochure-Perforating Typewriter (19033). 29/6/56 Maxwell Howden Note advising delivery complete (possibly crystals). 6/9/56 LJ Score/Comm Conts. to Stott & Hoare Flexowriter explanations. 12/9/56 Stott &Hoare to F. Hirst Enclosing above letter. 8/2/57 F. Hirst to Jacoby, Mitchell & Co. Requesting quote for motor-Citenco Type REP/N. 21/6/57 R.G. Smart to NSW University Advice about suppliers of iron oxide for magnetic drum. 1/7/57 F. Hirst to Weapons Research Est. Requesting details of lacquer used to respray magnetic disc. 8/7/57 J.A. Ovenstone/WRE to F. Hirst Discs were sprayed by Elliott Brothers. 5/7/57 Salford Elec/UK to Jepson, Bolton/UK Price for magnetic oxides, plus suitable formula for oxide. 18/10/57 F. Hirst to M. Curtis/Balm Paints Thank you for producing magnetic lacquer for magnetic disc. 3/7/57 J.A.Ovenstone/WRE to T.M. Cherry Re loan of Ferranti tape reader/5-hole perforator. 21/10/57 T.M. Cherry to WRE Requesting loan of 5-hole tape perforator. 11/11/57 F. Hirst to Electro-Chemical Eng. Returning Sunvic Control unit. 14/11/57 F. Hirst to Mullard-Australia Increase quota for long life valves into Australia. 11/12/57 Ferranti to Uni of Melbourne Advice Note for High Speed Tape Reader delivery. Undated Request for specifications of Ferranti Tape Reader.

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